About Me

My name is Abigail Burns, but on October 22 I will go by Abigail Cappel! A little about me, are you ready?

I can’t give you a CERTAIN birth order or what rank I am, so let me explain. Technically I’m one of four, though it’s very mixed up. My father remarried in April 2000 and my step-sister, Colleen, and step-brother, Jon, joined our family. That June, my mother had my wonderful little (half) sister, Helen. I’ve been raised as an only child, except for brief times when my siblings were around.

I’m engaged to be married and will marry my best friend, Joshua, on October 22. We are Christian/Catholic (I explain this in an upcoming blog entry). I work full time(+) as a nanny to a beautiful little boy, Tommy. My dream is to be a stay-at-home mom. We want to homeschool our children, to provide them with a Godly upbringing. We would love to have a farm (also in an upcoming blog entry).

Please visit About this Blog to find out more about why I made it!


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