About this Blog

Seasons of a Homemaker gains it’s inspiration from Ecclesiastes 3:1. I believe in Biblical Femininity and will strive the rest of my life to live on God’s terms. The vision for Seasons of a Homemaker is to find encouragement, tips and resources that might be useful for the many, many seasons of a home maker’s life.

God is the first teacher, and I love to take my lessons from him, though they aren’t always easy. The seasons of life are challenging but extremely rewarding.

Sometimes my blog entry might be a wonderful idea that I have had, but mostly nothing will be a “new” idea. In fact, more often then not, I will be writing my opinion on something a wiser person has shared with me.

I’m so young and so new to the “homemaking” world that I would love for anyone to provide me with relevant resources that you come across. I will have a resource page in the hopes of sharing some of these.

Please remember to always be God honoring. Whether you are commenting on a post or contacting me through other media outlets. I respect differing opinions and excite at questions so feel free to share.


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